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Streets of Los Angeles: Finding Now

Some people have chocolate, some people have yoga… I have street photography.  Whenever I start to feel down, I pick up a camera, slap a 50mm prime on it and hit the LA Metro.  It’s the perfect place to find my favorite drug: Now.  As an LA photographer, I chase Now for a living.  I’m always in search of the the perfect flash in the eyes (headshots), the perfect time of day (real estate) and the perfect fleeting gesture (dance).  Now is always gone in a blink and I love catching Now before it goes.  Now can be archived.  Now should be glorified.

Now happens all around us every minute of every day, but most of us aren’t paying any attention.  I love that street photography allows me to grab those moments that fly by and let people see them.  I love that it forces me to shut down my brain and be fully aware of my environment for a change.  If life is what happens when we’re busy making other plans, then Now is the driving force behind it.  I want as much Now as I can get.  Okay, I’ll take the chocolate, too.  You can keep the yoga.

LA Street Photography Drongo Photo

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JaimeJune 11, 2012 - 10:21 am

These are great! Street photography is clearly your meditation. Good stuff.

Martial Artist: Toshiya Agata

Toshiya Agata is a badass.  Yes, he’s a second degree black belt in Shorinji Kempo, but he’s also managed to put together an impressive acting resume as well.  For example, you may recognize him from Letters from Iwo Jima.  If by chance you’ve recently been on a flight with Japanese performances dubbed over an American film, Toshiya probably voiced one of the leads.  When he’s not playing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in The Tooth Fairy, you can also hear him in Call of Duty: World at War as a Japanese soldier.  He’s a very busy guy.  I got to spend a few hours with him and I had a blast watching him kick, spin, chop, slash and fly through the air.  I got tired before he did, and I didn’t do one jump kick.  I hope you like the images we made.

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Hiking Mount Hollywood

My business partner, Robert, is a big nature fan.  He likes sweeping views, fresh air and herds of deer drifting across his path.  As a headshot and lifestyle photographer, I’m a big people fan.  I like city skylines, Starbucks Blonde Roast and throngs of tourists clogging my path.  However, sometimes you have to flee the asphalt and find some greenery.  My legs are pretty sore from the climb up, but it’s hard to argue with a walk along a mountain ridge as the sun drops in the west.  The world around you glows and anything seems possible.  I couldn’t avoid shooting people entirely, (sorry, Robert) but I was quite taken with the sweeping view of the city skyline.  I’ll have to do this again some time.

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Director of Photography: Jenna Bryson’s “Clear”

When I became a professional photographer in Los Angeles, it was only natural I would get involved in the film community as well. When I decided to spend my life with musician Jenna Bryson, it was only natural I would end up shooting music videos.

Photo by Jeff Drongowski, Album Design by H. Maher Designs

Jenna released her debut album, Make/Believe, in July of 2011.  It’s an Americana/pop/soul blend of awesomeness and you should check it out if you like good things.  Since then, Jenna has had song placements in numerous independent films and a network television series.  She has won several Our Stage contests and performed all over L.A.  It was time; she needed a music video.

A lot of talented people worked very hard to make this project happen.  While I was the director of photography, it was directed and edited by Erin Brown (a force of nature) and choreographed by Sabrina Phillip (a BEAST!!).  There were also fifteen contemporary dancers, a team of makeup artists, hair stylists and lots of friends.  It was a labor of love and we’re all very proud of it.

I absolutely loved working with this army of creative types and I’ve already had the opportunity to work with some of them on other projects.  If you have something you need help with, reach out to me and we’ll make magic happen together.  Now, do us all a favor and pass this little video around, would you?

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Dancer Joe Fields

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to work with contemporary dancer Joe Fields.  We both wanted to try something we hadn’t done before, so we drove over to the Burbank Metro station and I turned him loose.  His emotional intensity and technical ability impressed me from the start. Every few seconds he created a new moment, a new dramatic gesture that I wanted to capture.  At one point I asked him to run across the platform and give me a spinning leap while I fired away, resulting in the composite you see below.  I may need to do a whole series of these.  When we tired of the Metro station we went back to the studio and played around with light and shadow.  Sometimes the best light is less light.

To borrow the phrase that’s so popular among dancers, Joe was LIVING!  He never ran out of energy and we had a blast all day.  When it’s time to shoot your next commercial or music video, you can find him on Twitter and Facebook.

Joe Fields Drongo Photo

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mrsfieldsApril 2, 2012 - 2:19 pm

I love it!!! That’s my grandson!!!

Nissin FlashApril 25, 2012 - 2:06 am

Superb images. The photography is just marvelous.Liked these.