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LA Headshots: James Macdonald

Actor James Macdonald has one of those familiar faces.  When I first met him I felt like I knew him, like I’d seen him around.  When you look at his IMDb page, you’ll know why.  Here are just a few of the many projects he’s worked on: CSI: Miami, Malcolm X, 24, Lie to Me, Jericho, Weeds, Criminal Minds, NCIS… you get the idea.  He’s a professional actor and he needed some new headshots.  We started in studio and moved outside for some natural light shots as well, to make sure he had plenty of options.

When I sent him a link to his proofing gallery, this was his response: “Wow.  They are beautiful, mate!  Man, you nailed it.”  Thank you, James.  It’s easy when I have a consummate pro to work with.

I look forward to seeing more of him every time I turn on the television or buy a movie ticket.

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Streets of Los Angeles

It would be fair to say I have an obsession with street photography. So much of my time is spent posing people for headshots and arranging rooms for HDR real estate photos that I get elated when I find a perfect moment already under way and I get to preserve it.  It seems so pure and, dare I say, important.  Without me, that moment will go unnoticed and will be forgotten forever.  It’s kind of a lot of pressure to put on a guy, cataloging life’s quiet little public miracles, but I do my best.

Two of my favorite street photographers are Vivian Maier and a man who publishes under the name 85mm Street.  They have drastically different styles and I love them equally.  Vivian, a professional caregiver, amassed over 100,000 negatives without ever showing her work.  She certainly celebrated the struggles, the conflicts and the triumphs going on around her.  After her death, John Maloof found her stuff at a thrift auction in Chicago and the world went crazy for her.  85mm likes to walk right up to people and take their portrait without asking.  A lot of his subjects have this fantastic “what is this now?” look on their faces.  He’s run into a few unhappy people, but that’s bound to happen no matter what you do.  While I prefer to go unnoticed when I shoot street, I’m glad he’s out there.

On a rare day off I grabbed my business partner, Rob, and we bought day passes for the Metro.  We rode down to Union Station, wandered around Olvera Street and made our way back to Hollywood Blvd when the sun went down.  So many little moments, so much life.  Somebody has to preserve it.


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Double Threat Deanna

Los Angeles headshot photographers get to work with a lot of very talented people.  Ballerina Deanna came to me for actor headshots, looked through my portfolio and decided to add on a dance session.  We shot on two separate days and had the help of makeup artist Ava Ghiotti for the headshots.  With any shoot I like to throw in some behind the scenes photos and convert them to black and white.  Deanna had to go and move to Australia on me, but I’ve made her promise to schedule another shoot as soon as she gets home.  Something urban.  For now, you can visit her website.

Any day I get to shoot dancers is a great day, and Deanna was fantastic.  I think you can see how much fun we had.

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CristolMarch 10, 2012 - 9:20 pm

amazing. She is beautiful and the lighting is fantastic

Jamal Prophit P.A.N. Coleman

I’d like you to meet my friend Jamal Prophit P.A.N. Coleman (Twitter: @prophitpan).  You might’ve heard of him.  He’s a comedian and a hip hop artist and he performs all over Southern California. We wanted to show some range with these photos, to give people an idea how funny and how badass he can be.  I think you can see how much fun we had.

You can find him over at Reverb Nation, all over the comedy clubs and he also just launched the Silly Ass Podcast.  You need to check this guy out before you can’t afford his ticket prices.

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