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LA Headshots: Renee Dorian is CLUED-Less

LA headshot photographers get to work with some of the craziest, kindest, most inspiring clients in the world, and Renee Dorian is right up there with the best of them.  Renee and I have had three headshot sessions together now and we always spend most of the time laughing.  As a result, I end up with some great behind the scenes shots to include in her proofing gallery.  For this last shoot, Renee brought her sister, hair and makeup artist Laura Dorian.  This was my first time working with Laura and she proved to be fantastic.  Talent definitely runs in the Dorian family.

Renee Dorian smiles.
Renee Dorian by Drongo PhotoRenee Dorian is awesome.
Renee Dorian looking street.
A quiet moment to recenter.

Renee always has something new going on. Her latest passion project is CLUED-Less, a web-series based on True Events told by a real life murder mystery entertainer. In Hollywood terms, think “Party Down” meets “Clue.” You can keep up to date with the project by heading over to the CLUED-Less on Facebook and clicking that like button. Want a sneak peak? Here’s a behind-the-scenes teaser for you:



Renee is always engaged and present in front of the camera.  I know because she recommended me for a unit stills photographer gig on the movie Awaken, directed by Daric Loo.  Renee plays a supporting lead and I think she steals every scene she’s in.  The entire team behind Awaken was fantastic and it was a true pleasure to be on set doing what I love.  If you’re in the mood for a sweet Romance, Awaken is available for rent or purchase on Amazon and iTunes.  As an added bonus, you can hear several awesome songs by Jenna Bryson on the soundtrack.

Renee Dorian is going places.  You can find all of her information at reneedorian.com.


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