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Silverlake Contemporary Ballet Rehearsal: Swan Lake

On Friday night I went to see Swan Lake: A Contemporary Rock Rendition.  It was a Silverlake Contemporary Ballet production directed by Sheena Sisk.  It was a rock and roll explosion of awesome music, brilliant choreography and spectacular dancing.  The week before, I got invited to one of the rehearsals by one of the choreographers, Sabrina Phillip.  Sabrina is a close friend and she never ceases to amaze me with her talents.  (She also choreographed the Clear video.)  Now she’s opened the doors for me to meet a small cadre of passionate dancers who love what they do and I found the whole thing truly inspiring.  I present to you a collection of behind the scenes rehearsal images I grabbed while all the talented people honed the performance.

As I write this there are still two performances left of this fantastic show today.  Drop what you’re doing and go.

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