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“This is without a doubt the BEST photo ever taken of me, capturing my personality to a T.” – Cardinal R.

“So guess what? I got myself an agent!!!! I need to thank you and your brilliant camera skillz. Jen ALSO got an Agent. In fact, we both got the same commercial agent. Something about your shots man!” – Alex B.

“I honestly hate doing photo shoots, but that day it really felt like we were just hanging out, and it was fun. The pics look awesome.” – Max A.

“I really can’t praise enough how good you make my skin look. Normally I hate having such pale skin, but your lighting makes it look so beautiful!  I love these photos!” – Kat M.

“I’m obsessed with these Jeff. I keep thinking you can’t top yourself and then you do. These are so rad!” – Joe F.

“JEFF!!! THESE ARE HANDS DOWN THE BEST PHOTOS I’VE EVER TAKEN IN ALL OF MY 18 YEARS OF TAKING HEADSHOTS!!!!!!! Honestly – FINALLY someone who has captured me and all of my strengths – I’m flabbergasted with the choices and with the quality – I’m beyond thrilled!!! WOW! I will review them over the next few days and then get back to you as to which to retouch but shockingly I don’t even think they need much!!! I can’t begin to thank you enough!!!!” – Kristina H.

“Holy cow, Jeff, these are excellent.  You really can turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse. Thank you very much.” – Todd M.

“I love ALL the photos!! You shot me in so many different angles and I feel that you really captured me to the “T”. There are a lot of shots that stood out to me, it’s difficult to choose. It was a pleasure working with you and again thank you so much for letting me do all the looks. I’m sure we’ll be working with you AGAIN.” – Nadia S.

“Wow! You’re great! Thank you SOOOOO MUCH! They look even better than I thought, talented man!” – Sharon P.

“Jesus, Jeff, these are amazing!!!  I’m only half way through them!  Incredible.  I wouldn’t believe my eyes looked like that if I hadn’t been there myself!  Really incredible.  Bravo, mister! ” – Jimmy D.

“I just wanted to let you know that Dorry and Gil both love you and your work.  They gushed about your good work with their clients pretty much non-stop.” – Rolando Z.

“these are AMAZING!!!!!!!! you are a beast!!!!!!!!!!!” – Sabrina P.

“In thirty-three years as an actor that was by far my favorite photo shoot.  You made me relax, and that’s not real easy for me to do.  You’re a total pro.  That’s the highest compliment I can pay.” – Mike L.

“Your photo skills are absolutely amazing. Thank you for making my first headshot experience a memorable one. You are very easy to work with!” – Charissa M.

“It was a pleasure having you on set and having your talented eye.  The photos are awesome!” – Daric L.

“I LOVE them! Is it bad that I can’t stop looking at them (myself?) THANK YOU again.” – Jackie H.

“My company hired Jeff to come do an entire publicity package for us in Washington DC.  In one weekend, we got backdropped headshots of a dozen people, and three location shoots, including group shoots and individual location shots. The photos that came from our shoot were amazing!  We had so many good ones to choose from!  Jeff was so fun to work with, he listened to our myriad demands and delivered spectacularly. When it came to touch up time, he outdid himself.  I, as any typical American female, had a laundry list of issues I wanted touched-up in each photo.  The ‘after’ shots are exactly what I wanted – they still look like me, but just the best possible me. I suggest booking Jeff now — this time next year, you won’t be able to afford him.  That’s a promise.” – Jaime W.